Suborbital lab

I recently got a 1.0 of the suborbital lab put together.

We are now setup for through hole soldering and almost ready for smt once the reflow oven is done.

I’m watching the open source pick n place projects closely. Being able todo small batch production in house is very important.

I’ll put a full inventory of the lab together and post it soon.

Here’s some pics of the lab:

Quick share : Librepcb

I came across this on hacker news yesterday.

Been reading the comments and I watched the authors YouTube talk. It’s very interesting. I like diversity in free software tools. Especially in the non trivial spaces.

Suborbital is going to be in need of full in house free software/ hardware solutions for pcb assembly soon.

We’ve been slowly building a reflow oven

Quick share : Board composition and management

So I recently have solidified my philosophy and framework on how to have effective BoD and managing the relationship etc. subject to change of course , but it’s solidified enough to capture

1) monthly meetings are critical

2) combination of remote and local members is key

3) you should have a roughly equal number of ceos and non ceos on the board.

4) you should sit on only one board of someone’s company on your board.

5) you should sit on two to five total boards , ideally with organizations in different stages of development , and definitely in completely different industries .

6) have dinner with your local board members weekly. Have one other member of your senior leadership team join the dinner , rotate through the team.

I’m back

Hi World . After a long hiatus from the blogosphere , I’m back.

Working the day job still , same place for last…wow six years now I think. Relentlessly pursuing all things TSYS as self funded (bootstrapped I guess the kids say these days).

Watch this space for more!