Enterprise networking in the box

(this is in progress “livestream”. Header will be removed when completed).

I had OVH provision a /28 to the new dedi.

IP allocation:

  1. ovh-preproduction -01 wan ip
  2. ovh-preproduction-02 wan ip
  3. ovh-wanrtr-01 wan ip
  4. ovh-wanrtr-02 wan ip
  5. ovh-wanrtr wan float
  6. external web general (cloudflare origin) (route through opnsense dmz farm)
  7. external fnf (direct route to VM on brWan)
  8. external esign (direct route to VM on brWan)
  9. external discourse (direct route to VM on brWan)

This leaves me 4 spares (/32 using dedi IP .254 as gateway) makes the entire block usable. 🙂

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