Thoughts on recruitment

I had a wonderful one on one last night with the CEO of a non profit that I serve on its board.

We talked about a number of key development issues for the organization. The one that really stood out and I want to discuss is recruitment .

1) build pipeline. Recruiting is just another form of sales. Just like fundraising and getting paying customers.

2) utilize a CRM. We’ve settled on suite CRM at TSYS. We use this across the brands.

3) once you’ve built your pipeline , start reaching out via email. Ask to have a 30 to 90 minute conversation. Or ask for referrals if they aren’t interested. The mail should be very short , a few paragraphs.

4) the goal of the conversation should be to quickly assess interest , fit, discuss the role.

5) have a small list of options. Three is the magic number I’ve found. Offer s range of commitment levels. Especially early in a startups life , people may want to try before buying.

6) be open with participation and auditing opportunities. Offer people the chance to join build sessions , meet the team, have dinner and drinks etc. team fit matters above all else.

7) offer real value. Discuss cultural fit , what kind of management style the person wants , ask what’s horrible about current position (as applicable). Have deep conversations and provide opportunity for true impactfulness and autonomy. Otherwise why bring someone in if you are just going to continue to (micro) manage.

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