My approach to daily organization

I have a very simple pen/paper system for organization , maintaining notes and keeping on track.

It’s three notebooks :

The legal pad is used for note taking at meetings. I also use it for sketching out things with people. I’ve got a dedicated sketchbook and I bring that if I expect to do lots of sketching. I transcribe my notes to wiki page or email and I scan the intentional sketches . Then I shred the old pages.

The rite in the rain notebook is used for my daily/weekly focus sheet. It serves as a professional diary of sorts. It’s got one word entries , the actual details and work is stored in trello / OpenProject.

The little black notebook is used for quick notes (measurements, personal todos of administrative nature), scheduling reminders while on phone , grocery lists etc. it’s not for any permanent record or transcription .

I like this approach. Right tool for the right job , and mixing paper / digital works really well.

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